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Tasks of Inspection Unit:

Determines measurement, detection and quality criteria related to environment pollution and provides their implementation; ;

Determines the objects and principles, takes measures and provides its implementation to reduce environment pollution or disposal, makes management and urgency plans and has it made

Works coordinately with agencies and institutions related to the subject, determines the criteria and the standards, provides its implementation, conducts measurements,collects and evaluates data;

Follows international works included in its function and provides its implementation within the body;

Determines the primary environmental research programs to help to reach environment policies determined by the department and proposed objectives in international plans, and it provides, in that way, preparation, purchase, implement and wrapup of research projects;

Evaluates the result of implemented research, program and projects activities;

Ensures that the works related to the unit are completed in time, in accordance with standards and qualified;

Implements educational and awareness raisinng activities works related with inspection;