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General Information About Solid Waste

"Waste" means a material or object which its owner disposes, intends to dispose or needs to dispose.

"Waste producer" means actual producer who causes formation of waste as a result of his activities and/or people who do prior processing, mixture or other operations to be caused changes on waste compound or structure.

"Waste management" means collection, transfer, reclaim and disposal of the waste as well as monitoring and controlling these types of operations, after closure maintenance of disposal areas and actions carried out by mediators.

Modern waste management is made according to waste hierarchy principle. Waste management hierarchy principle begins firstly by preventing formation of waste then reducing it, re-useing, recycling, reclaiming and final disposal.


Tasks of Solid Waste Unit:  


Tasks of Solid Waste Unit are as follows according to the Establishment Law of Environmental Protection Department:

  • To determine principles to be provided the management of waste complying with the environment, to provide cooperation and coordination for implementing the law and to do necessary monitoring,

  • To prpreparewaste management plans in a regional dimension.

  • To determine principles relevant to transferring of the waste inland and overseas by complying with the environment, to carry out the works relevant this, to work relevant reclaim of the waste;

  • To determine the principles to be provided the management of domestic wastes complying with the environment, to determine the location choice criteria of disposal sites, to determine the newest and the cleanest technology and management systems relevant domestic waste disposal sites;  

  • To conduct trainings, meetings, plans and projects related to Solid Waste Management

  • To prepare monthly and annual activity reports related to the unit

  • To provide the required coordination and cooperation of the department with other departments

  • To implement works relevant to the unit in accordance with standards and in a qualified wanner;

  • To carry out educational activities related to the unit,

  • To perform other tasks relevant to its position are ordered by the director.