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Environmental Impact (EI)

Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA); is a process which important impacts of a certain project or development on the environment are identified. This process is not singly a decision process; it's a process which improves and supports with decision process.  It is analysis and evaluation that will include also social results and alternative solutions of possibly impacts on environment of new project and developments.

EIA process constitutes of many stages. One of the most important feature of EIA is providing participation to the process in order to consider opinions and concerns of related parties and the public. (Public Participation Meeting)

Aim of the EIA Report; is to protect environmental values against economic policies, to predetermine all possible adverse environmental impacts can be caused by a planned activity and to provide taking required measures, without preventing economical and social development.

Main task of the EIA Report, is showing transparently the possible environmental impacts from projects to decision makers in order to provide them to decide more integrally about the projects and developments, in other words, to provide them to decide healthier as thinking the factors more than one possibly affect the decision.

High rate accumulation of solid, liquid and gaseous materials from various sources on water and soil  is causing environmental pollution. In order to meet rapidly increasing world population's needs, industrialisation must also increase based on development of technology.

This increase is causing a rapid depletion of available natural resources. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process is the most efficiently environmental management tool on integrated - preclusive environmental planning in the world.

1969 yılında ABD'de yürürlüğe giren Ulusal Çevre Politikası Kanunu (National Environmental Policy Act) kapsamında dünya ile tanışan ve gerek ABD, gerek AB ülkeleri, gerekse diğer dünya ülkelerinde halen en etkin çevre yönetim aracı olarak yerini alan ve gün geçtikçe de bu yeri sağlamlaştıran ÇED, Ülkemizde 1998 yılından bu yana 21/97 sayılı Çevre Yasası'nın 13.üncü maddesi uyarınca hazırlanan tüzük kapsamında uygulanmaktadır.